While the 4th annual Mud-fest is all about getting dirty it also benefited Jay Rogers, a young man who has been battling cancer for several years. "I just appreciate everything they've done for me so far, and I've never seen nothing like this this is a big to do out here," said Jay Rogers. Because it is Father's Day weekend 7 Eyewitness News talked with Jay and his dad, Tim, about what it means for them to be together on this special weekend. "Being Father's Day I love both my boys so very much and there just such a blessing to my life each and every day especially this weekend," said Tim Rogers. Jay has been fighting a rare form of bone cancer and continues to beat the odds. "He inspires me and so many. So many people has come together to rally around Jay. He's gotten bad news several times, and he continues to beat the odds with God's help and continues to overcome cancer," said Tim Rogers. Jay says his father's constant faith keeps him going. "He just helps me out so much and help me through all the scans and everything just praying for me and encouraging me to keep fighting and everything he's been a big inspiration in my life,' said Jay Rogers.