Mushroom Farm Found in Crockett County

Cyndi Lundeberg

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. - The lights may still be on at Greg Davis' residence but after a drug raid of his house, nobody's home. Neighbors of Davis say a peaceful night at home turned into a frightening experience that still has them reeling.

Judy and David Farmer live next door.
"Makes me scared becuase you never know who your neighbors are. You just never know," Judy Said.

"It's just nerve racking living that close," David said.

Authorities responded to a call about a suspect on Willems Street and after speaking with Davis , Crockett County Sheriff's Deputies say they came back with a warrant.

Neighbors say when they heard the sirens and saw the blue lights they knew exactly which house they were headed for

"When we first moved here it was a nice neighborhood, and it still is besides something like that right there," David said.

Authorities say they recovered close to twenty two pounds of mushrooms from the home. Thirty six year old Davis was charged with two counts of possession of a schedule one narcotic, possession of a stolen gun, and serial number alteration of his vehicle. Davis is currently being held at the Crockett County Jail.

"Well I hope he gets some help because I have a son who is in rehab so I know what his parents is going through," Judy said.

Crockett County investigator Jordan Spraggins says Mushrooms in West Tennessee are very unusual. He says because Drug Task Forces are hitting meth, marijuana and other drugs hard he suspects mushrooms may be the new way to make a quick buck.

"If that house woulda caught fire, its no telling what would happen if we had been in bed maybe asleep nobody might not have got out," Farmer said.

Davis will be in court on Thursday.


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