Naked Woman Spotted on the Streets of Benton County

Cyndi Lundeberg

CAMDEN, Tenn. - Camden Police said sometimes residents find creative ways to beat the summer heat, and today was no exception.

"I've responded to calls like this before, and of course my first thought is 'I hope another officer gets there before I do," Officer James Inman of the Camden Police Department said.

Inman was one of the officers who responded to emergency calls Tuesday afternoon about a lady in her 60s reportedly naked in the area of Camden's Court Square.

"I talked to witnesses in the area who said there was a lady in the back of a pickup truck that just wasn't acting right," Inman said.

The woman was last seen by witnesses at the Wash 'N Well Laundry Mat. Officers are unsure whose truck she was in and where the truck went from the business.

Mark Yatsko uses the laundry mat and says usually it is a very quiet place. "I would've probably done the same thing and called the police and let them know," he said.

Camden Police said they respond to about two calls about nudity a year. They said as temperatures tend to go up sometimes clothes come off of residents.

"The problem is we've got all these young kids hanging round here, real young, and that's just not something they need to be seeing," Yatsko said.

Camden Police said beyond eyewitness accounts they do not have much information about who the lady is, but said if she is found nude she will face charges of indecent exposure.

"Whether it be a mental incapacity or drugs or alcohol it happens from time to time. We have to respond to them and we handle them the best we can," Inman said.

Yatsko said he is thankful for Camden Police. "The police response was real good! So many officers so quick!" he said.

Camden Police said those who called in the reportedly naked woman did the right thing. As of Tuesday evening, investigators said the search for her has ended.


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