Neighbors Concerned After Pets Poisoned In Selmer

Empriss Campbell

MCNAIRY COUNTY, TENN. - Three dogs are dead and several pets are missing in the Selmer Country Club neighborhood. Residents believe someone may be intentionally making their dogs sick.

Katy Austine loves her 5 year old hound dog, Charter, but the recent dog deaths have her on alert.

"They've been either locked up in the garage or int her house we let them out to use the restroom but we stay out there with them to make sure that nothing is happening," said Austin.

Some residents in the Selmer Country Club neighborhood believe someone is poisoning their pets.

"I know for a fact that two of the dogs don't leave their yards that's really the only option they may have been poisoned. And one of the dogs has been to the vet and it was confirmed in fact it was poison," said Austin.

Neighbors told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News many of the dogs roam around the neighborhood freely and there's never been an issue.

"I run many of the dogs run with me...there is a man that picks up trash in the neighborhood the dogs would follow him. There wasn't ever an issue we never saw any kind of violence so I don't know if it was annoying neighbors," said Austin.

Austin said neighbors want justice especially now that it's Christmas time.

"I was able to tell my daughter by name which dogs are missing which dogs have know them by name they are all our family pets," said Austin.


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