BROWNSVILLE, Tenn-Jose Castro remembered the deadly crash he saw Wednesday on the railroad tracks less than 50 feet from his house. "I saw a lot of police, state troopers, and the Sheriff," Castro said. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tyler Stroder of Covington was killed instantly when he failed to yield for a train crossing this railroad track. "A lot of people who come through here are from the area and so they're know that the railroad is here," Castro's son, Miguel, said. Troopers said eyewitnesses told them Stroder was on his cell phone and possibly distracted, something that could have prevented him from seeing the train; but neighbors said more safety precautions should be present around the tracks. "We need more lights and barriers to stop the cars," Miguel said. "They used to have them here." The Castros said although this is the first wreck they have seen at the crossing in more than a decade, something needs to be done so it won't happen again. T-H-P officials are still investigating the crash.