Neighbors are Scared after Two Deaths in 24 Hours

Brittany Nicholson

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. -- Neighbors said they are scared, Sunday, after the news of two deaths on one street in Chester County.

"Crazy to think something like that could happen right down the road," Blayne Azevedo, a resident who lives nearby, said.

Residents in Jack's Creek said after hearing about the murder of Martha Crowe and death of Alex Schewe, their fears of living in the area are confirmed.

"It's so close to my home. Through the woods right there, 150 yards, where it happened, right across the pasture," Clinton "Shorty" Connor, described how he saw the action when deputies and the TBI searched Crowe's house Saturday.

Connor said he now has a plan to keep his wife and four children safe.

"I keep all my guns loaded, going to put cameras up around my house, already got some alarms that let me know when people's on my place before they get to my house," Connor explained.

Other residents said they hear gunshots at all hours of the night. Signs along the road in the neighborhood have bullet holes in them.

"I just hear them and it just scares me because its gunshots in the middle of the night," Katlyn Ruth said.

Blayne Azevedo said this case brings up bad memories.

"The Holly Bobo case wasn't right down the road, now this? I mean it's not just scary to live around here it's just crazy to think something could happen right where you live," he said.

Now, residents said they will be sure to lock their doors at night and Connor said he hopes neighbors will now be more aware of their surroundings.

"Keep more people alert at night where they can see the neighborhood, see who's coming in and out, going up and down the roads, keep everybody's eyes open. Have a lot more people watching, see what's going on," Connor said.

On Saturday, Chester County deputies responded to a house off Highway 22A where Martha Crowe was found dead. Chester County Sheriff Blair Weaver said they are investigating her death as a homicide.

Around 1:30 on Sunday, Sheriff Weaver confirmed another body was found in a house just down the street. Weaver said Alex Schewe, in his late 20s, was found dead by a family member. According to Weaver, the Chester County Sheriff's Department has been told Schewe and Crowe are distantly related.

If you have any information in either of these cases, call the TBI or the Chester County Sheriff's Department.


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