Neighbors Complain of Pit Bull Problem

Meghan Pinkley

A band of pit bulls in West Tennessee is causing a lot of trouble.

Residents near Selmer said the dogs are chained up to trees and being mistreated. Some have been seen roaming around the neighborhood and have attacked residents and pets. Apparently the owners are never home and city officials told the concerned neighbors they could not do anything about it.

The next door neighbor to the property said the owner of the pit bulls admitted he breeds the dogs. "It really concerns me with the pit bulls running loose in the neighborhood. I have a 2-year-old plus I have dogs myself," said Branden Langford.

Five pit bulls were spotted on Wednesday, but residents have seen anywhere from 10-20 in the yard.

"They've come up and they've attacked my uncle and they bit his leg and then attacked the little dog," said Brittany Richman.

The concerned and frustrated neighbors wish the pit bulls' owner paid more attention to them, but according to deputies he is in jail but has not been contacted yet about the problem with the dogs. "You never see them in their yard or feeding them," added Langford.

Even worse, according to neighbors, their master had been caught pestering them. "I've seen him out there a couple of times kind of shaking at them and stuff, like riling them up," added Richman.

Sheriff Guy Buck said action is being taken before the judge to see what can be done, and if officials are still unable to contact the owner of the pit bulls, the dogs will be seized.

While 7 Eyewitness News was near the property three men showed up and broke the chains that were attached to the dogs and tied to the trees, put the pit bulls in their cars, and sped off.

"I would think if they were breeding these dogs they would have a more hospitable living condition for the dogs," said Langford.

The lady who owns the property the pit bulls are on said she was not the owner of the dogs, they belong to a man who is incarcerated. Deputies would not release the owner of the pit bulls name or why he is behind bars.

Sheriff Buck said he is meeting with the judge on Thursday to find a solution to this problem.


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