New Animal Control Plan Means Changes for Hardin Co.

Empriss Campbell

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. - For years Charlie Nickel has seen stray dogs and loose cats running the streets of Hardin County.

"Countywide animal control is a good thing for Hardin County," said Nickel.

Nickel said his team getting ready to take care of animals coming from communities like Crump and Saltillo that are not able to easily access Savannah's shelter. Nickel said animal control has been a big problem and he is cautious about to the increase.

The Shelter expects an animal influx three times the normal intake. Because of that, Nickel hopes to construct 20 new kennels.

"My people are very motivated to get the animals out. We've done well but we keep a full house with City of Savannah animals by bringing in county animals were going to be over populated," said Nickel.

Nickel said the shelter can handle 75 dogs temporarily and with the increase it is possible there will be a rise on euthanasia rate.

"As soon as we indicate were going to pick up animals now were going to get those calls, so now I were just asking for patience," said Nickel.

Nickel said they will be hiring another animal control officer soon to handle the higher demand.


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