New Drug Used to Fight Meth Abuse

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn. - Acura Pharmaceuticals has launched a new drug, Nexafed, that fights meth abuse by making it impossible to mix it with other drugs.

Dr. Peter Gardner at Physicians Quality Care in Jackson explained just how the drug worked. "Basically when they try to extract the pseudoephedrine from it, it turns to a gel that makes it unusable," said Gardner.

The trademarked process is only available in two pharmacies in the Hub City, Phipps Pharmacy and Walgreen's.

"If you buy it over the counter and your not going to convert it to meth you don't care anyway. You'll just buy what's less expensive. If you are trying to convert it to meth you aren't going to buy it," said Dr. Gardner.

Pharmacists at Phipps tells 7 Eyewitness News they are working on only selling Nexafed. Other local pharmacists who's store did not carry the drug said they were working on ordering it, and believe the meth blocking technology should be all that is offered.

"Eventually you would hope all private manufactures would utilize the technology. I don't know if Nexafed shares that technology," said Dr. Gardner.

Nexafed will cost buyers more than generic brands. Phipps Pharmacy currently is selling the drug for almost seven dollars, while other off brands are around a dollar and a half.


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