New Grainery to Help Farmers; Bring Jobs

Joe Sullivan

W.R. Russell Farms will begin taking corn beginning in August. As a
result, there will be 25 new jobs in Bells.

"It's an excellent opportunity for the area farmers to not only in the area but in the region, Madison County, Haywood County and Crockett County,'" said Mayor Gary Reasons of Crockett County.
"This will serve all three counties because of the location."

Steve Bailey is a farmer in Crockett County. He works 3,500 acres. He currently sells his corn at Trenton and on the Mississippi River.

"It would give us an option for our grain. It's always good to have, the more options the better," said Steve Bailey.

The facility will allow area producers a more efficient and cost effective alternative to long hauls and long waits.

"Fuel cost diesel is a tremendous expense. It is always something that we have trouble budgeting because we don't know how diesel prices are going to run. So we will save money and time," said Richard Buntin, a UT Extension Agent.

"We will just see what there prices are and how competitive they are," said Bailey.

The corn buying facility will be located at the cloverleaf interchange in Bells at Highway 412 and Highway 70/79. This will mean more traffic in the area.

"They have contacted TDOT. The plan or the safety measures that need to take place for a lot of trucks coming in and out of there, they will be able to handle those trucks and get them off the highway," said Mayor Reasons.

W.R. Russell Farms officials told 7 Eyewitness News they will be able to unload 10 to 15 trucks per hour.


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