New Home Being Built for Hardin Co. Residents in Need

Emily Cassulo

SALTILLO, Tenn. - The city of Saltillo is giving some of its residents a fresh start by building and repairing homes for those in need.

Georgia Brewer has been anxiously waiting for about three weeks for her brand new home to be built.

"I was just excited," Brewer said. "There's nothing like getting a house you don't have to pay for."

So excited, she stops by her home about every other day, to see how it looks.

Brewer is one of several Saltillo residents who have been given a new home, or repairs to one. Before, she lived in a mobile home for 35 years on the same property. It was run down and expensive to maintain.

"When it came through, I was just thankful, you know, for getting the house, and I can't hardly wait to get in it," Brewer said.

Mayor Larry Lowery said the city was issued $867,000 through federal grants to do the work a couple years ago. Construction could not start until this year.

According to Lowery, the city has built and remodeled 12 homes for residents so far, and they plan to do eight more in the next three months.

"We had a lot of the citizens that needed new construction to homes, which were in disrepair. They were of an age to where they really couldn't do a lot for themselves," Lowery said.

And for that, Brewer said she is grateful. Her home should be finished in two-to-three weeks.

Mayor Lowery said interested Saltillo residents must submit an application to the city, then their name is entered into a lottery.

He said to contact Saltillo City Hall to see if you qualify.


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