New Jobs Database Unveiled for Tennesseans

Natalie Potts

There is a new way to find a job in Tennessee, a way to search 24 hours a day without even leaving your house.

Governor Bill Haslam unveiled a new job database, Monday, that will work specifically for employers and job seekers in West Tennessee. It is

Although the unemployment rate for Tennessee has fallen below the National rate at 8.1 percent, some residents from smaller counties are saying they are still struggling.

Phyllis Polk knows all too well what it is like applying for job applications day after day.

"For me it's a little disappointing it feels like I'm throwing myself in a haystack and I'm the needle, " said Polk who is unemployed.

Polk has been without a job for two years. Searching, but having no luck.

"You're more mature you're a little older you may not be... you begin to doubt your ability to sell yourself," said Polk.

Unemployment in Madison County is now above the state's level at 8.4%.

" You still have areas especially in some of the areas surrounding Jackson that have higher unemployment," said Mark Chandler,
of the Tennessee Career Center.

Areas such as Weakley, Haywood, and Dyer Counties are areas where unemployment ranks in the double digits.

"It's frustrating it really is ... it's frustrating," said Polk.

Now, Governor Haslam said the new virtual online job database is one that users can use from home.

"It's going to give them access to more jobs than perhaps we receive just directly here at the career center," said Chandler.

Access to more than 90,000 local jobs here in Tennessee.

"The site allows a person to actually post their resume, which was not allowable in the past, " said Chandler.

Something Polk said she will take advantage of.

"We are going to use every outlet we can possibly get and hopefully it will give people here more opportunities.

Centers in West Tennessee received more than 15,000 new and renewal applicants this past year. Of those, only 775 placements were made. With jobs4TN online, organizers said now job seekers can receive a daily update for jobs they are qualified for.


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