New Red Light Cameras in Jackson

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- The City of Jackson began the use of new red light cameras Wednesday, at two busy intersections in Jackson.

The red light cameras are located at the intersections of Old Hickory Boulevard and at Carriage House Drive along North Highland.

The city entered into a contract with Redflex Traffic Systems earlier this year, in support of the Jackson Police Department's "Photo Safety Program."

"I don't like them. I personally would rather be caught in the act by a person then have a machine or camera say that it caught me. I just don't trust it," said Jackson driver, Christine Hale.

Officials said during the first 30 days they will only send warning notices to red light runners.

Jackson Police said there have been 1,402 intersection crashes this year, and hopes the cameras will keep the roads safe for drivers.

"Somebody could run a light and hit somebody else, or run a light and hit a child and kill somebody. I'm glad they put them back," said driver Lillian Brown.

Tickets will cost drivers $50, but will not affect driving records or insurance rates.


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