New Security Measures Installed at Milan Middle

Emily Cassulo

MILAN, Tenn. - As Sandy Hook Elementary School students return to school Thursday, so do students in Milan.

Students in one Milan school are seeing upgrades to their security system, in light of the Connecticut school shootings.

Milan school leaders told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they are doing this to make the security at their schools more uniform.

Gwen Miller said she now feels more comfortable sending her daughter, Makayla, to Milan Middle School.

"It's the safety of our kids, and that gives the school a little bit more luxury of knowing who's coming and going, and when they come, and when they leave," Miller said.

That is because the Milan Special School District is adding an automatic magnetic door lock system to its middle school.

It is the only school in the district that does not have one.

"Our kids are extra protected now," parent Kelli Meeks said. "Nobody can just walk in the school, so that's wonderful."

Workers are installing the new system at the main entrance. Before, visitors had to go through the front office before they could enter the building. Now they have to be buzzed in.

Office workers will get to both talk to and see visitors before even letting them in.

"Like what happened at Sandy Hook, we don't want that to happen to any of us, or just let any intruder just come in," said sixth grader Makayla Miller.

"That could've been our school, that could've been our child," Gwen Miller said. "Just because you don't know about everybody these days."

Parents said it is one extra step to keep their kids safe.

School officials said they have not discussed getting school resource officers yet, but they may later on.

Workers said they hope to finish installing the new system by Friday afternoon.


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