New Sportsplex Would Lead to Tax Hike

Joe Sullivan

Supporters of a planned sportsplex hope the land located next to Maury City Elementary School will be a place where people play baseball, softball, soccer and flag football.

"We've raised approximately $50,000 since last Thursday. We are hoping that many more donations will come in. Beyond that it would be up to the county to fund it whichever way it saw fit," said sportsplex Chairman Michael Mansfield.

Just how would Crockett County pay for the $2.7 million project ?
"The proposal at this time is a ten cent tax increase that would equate to on an eighty to eight-five thousand dollar house approximately twenty dollar increase and for those who have land it would be more," said Crockett County Mayor Gary Reasons.

"I don't mind paying a little extra taxes to help the children and the businesses in my community," said Crockett County resident Joyce Nelson.

"If it is a tax increase it will be so slight that we won't recognize it hardly at all," said Crockett County Resident Ed Dupree.

The proposed sportsplex needs 13 of 24 votes to pass. If the project passes sportsplex organizers say they will go ahead and apply for a $250,000 state grant.

"You never know, we are optimistic. We would like for it to pass but you never know what will happen, " Mansfield said.


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