New Traffic Cameras to be Installed Next Week

Emily Cassulo

JACKSON, Tenn. - It has been about three months since the city turned off red light cameras at four intersections, but Jackson city leaders are now giving the green light to turn some of them back on.

You may not see red light cameras in Jackson now, but you will starting next week.

"People have the tendency to run through lights and all of a sudden they're just running over people. I think it's a good idea," resident James Rupert said.

It is serious crashes in the past that are prompting city officials to begin re-installing two new cameras at the intersections of Carriage House Drive and North Highland Avenue, and Old Hickory Boulevard and North Highland Avenue, starting next week.

The old cameras were removed last week, but most residents told 7 Eyewitness News they support bringing them back.

"I think the residents of Jackson kind've know they're already there and kind've slows everybody down. I know it's probably a money maker for the city," resident Robert Morford said.

City officials said not so much recently.

In 2011, they made more than $121,000 from tickets. In 2012, revenue dropped to nearly $40,000.

However, officials said it is not about the money, but safety.

They said there were 20 crashes at the Carriage House/Highland intersection through June. In three of the months the cameras were turned off, there were 10 more crashes.

The city said they are still looking at other intersections with high crash rates like Carriage House Drive, to see if they need more cameras. Residents told 7 Eyewitness News they do not mind.

"Sometimes people are in a hurry, and they're trying to make the light, so I think this will make them just a little bit more cautious, and it'll be safer for all of us," resident Willie Shelby said.

Some residents said it is not fun being ticketed, but they understand.

"It lets them know that that light is there for a reason, you know, don't run it," Rupert said.

City officials said they are not sure yet when the cameras will go live.

It will take about two weeks for them to install the new cameras.


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