New Year's Day Foods For Good Luck

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - There are several foods considered to bring good luck and fortune to people who eat them on New Year's Day.

"We cook black-eyed peas, greens, corn bread," said Eloise Heslip.

Traditions are different from culture to culture but many in the Hub City are preparing a special meal for their New Year's Day dinner.

"We're gonna do turnip greens, hog jowls, black-eyed peas put a penny in the pot and leave the penny on the plate," said Le Ann Hutchinson.

Many people say it is not about the superstitions, it is about celebrating the new year with your family.

"Actually I have a refrigerator full of food and I asked not to (cook) and my husband said, 'no we had to do it, it's tradition," said Hutchinson.

As the superstition goes, collard greens represent money and black- eyed peas are for luck, but not everyone participates in New Year's Day traditions.

For others they have been celebrating the start of a new year this was all their life.

"I'm headed over to my daughter I'm going to cook over there and we're going to have New Year's dinner." said Heslip.

Some other New Year's Day superstitions include not washing clothes or dishes so you don't wash someone out of your life and wearing new clothes so that you receive more in the new year.


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