New app could repel mosquitoes

Dan Lampariello

EAST JACKSON, Tenn. -- Playing outdoors is always a little risky during mosquito season. But now a mobile app, using high frequencies, could help.

West Tennesseans have their own ways of keeping mosquitoes away, but seem intrigued with the new technology.

"It's a little strange," Bert Elder said. "I usually stick to the citronella or the old penny in the bag, but it sounds like it probably could work"

New technology is being introduced everyday, but could a simple smartphone app really replace good old insect repellent? The experts say you should still spray it on.

"I've heard of different things for other types of pests, that supposedly send out frequencies and things like that, which don't work at all," said David Markowski with Homstead Pest Management. "So I would be leary of it."

According to the app's description, it works by emitting a high frequency noise that only mosquitoes can hear. You can even change the frequency of the sound depending on which region of the county you're in.

Overall, some are still skeptical.

"It would be the greatest invention of our time honestly, if it worked," Patricia Lansdale said. "I just don't think any kind of radio frequency is going to deter mosquitoes."

Bert Elder say's he's outside a lot during the summer and hopes this technological advance will actually work.

"You can do some crazy things with sound," Elder said. "Repelling mosquitoes is probably one of them."

If you want to test the app out for yourself, it's available for free in the Apple and Google app stores.


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