Newbern Police Raise Money for Disabled Employee

Natalie Potts

NEWBERN, Tn- The Newbern Police Department is bringing the community together with hot dogs and country music to raise money for a disabled employee they said, police. "We are trying to raise some money for him to get an athletic wheelchair." said Lieutenant Rodney Wright, Newbern Police Dept.

Steve Epps, 63 said he started working for Newbern police department 12 years ago, after a bad car crash paralyzed him from the waste down. Police said, Epp's outlook and drive on the job has inspired fellow officers on duty for years. "It's his tenacity and his will to keep going that inspires me and my friends that are in the group," said Wright.

Officers said they began to fund raise after learning Epp's had given up on a dream to race in a Rock and Roll Marathon that benefits troubled kids.
"it's for a children's fund in Saint Louis," said Steve Epps.

Police said, Epp's current chair is too old to race, and could be unsafe if it isn't replaced. "If he were to participate in the chair that he has, it would run a great risk of him falling backwards in the chair," said Wright.

In order for Epps to race, police said they need to purchase a new athletic chair within 30 days to give Epps enough time to train for the marathon in October. "They said if I was serious, that they would get the money for the chair," said Epps.

Police said, they are willing to work how ever many hours its takes through fundraising to meet their goal. "We plan to have several more events in the next month or so to try and come up with the money we need," said Wright.

Epps told 7 EyeWitness News, he is currently training on stationary equipment and plans to enter into at least 2 races a year, if he receives a new athletic wheelchair. "Every donation is greatly appreciated and If I get this chair, every time I push Ill be thinking of them," said Epps.

If you would like to help Newbern Police meet their goal, contact their department or your local Security Bank Branch under the Steve Epps Wheelchair Benefit Fund.


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