NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Do you know a mother who works hard, speaks up, and keeps asking until her children receive the health care they need? If so, the Tennessee Justice Center invites you to nominate her as a “Mother of the Year.” Any mother, foster mother, or grandmother can be nominated. It can be your own mom, neighbor, friend, or other mother you know. Mothers from across Tennessee will be selected for recognition as a “Mother of the Year,” and will receive a framed certificate of recognition and appear on the Tennessee Justice Center’s website. It is easy to nominate someone as “Mother of the Year.” If you are age 3-9, you can submit a picture that shows why your nominee is your health care hero. If you are over age 10, you can submit an essay (300 words or less) saying why your nominee is your special health care hero. If you are not able to submit a nomination for yourself, we will take nominations from others who can tell your story in a way that includes you. Submissions should also include a photo of the child and their nominee with the nominee’s name, the child’s name, phone number, and address. (photos cannot be returned.) Submissions should be mailed to Tennessee Justice Center, 301 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37201. You can also email your nominations to and include a digital picture of the child and the nominee! Nominations must be received by April 11, 2014. For additional information about the Tennessee Justice Center and its services, visit or call 615-255-0331.