Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services Says Thieves are Stealing Donations

Cyndi Lundeberg

OBION COUNTY, Tenn. - The Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services is an organization that provides relief to financially struggling families. Each year they host an annual drive specially geared toward holiday giving. This year unfortunately, the NWTNDS will not be helping as many families in need.

Rob Adcock, CEO of the organization says people purchased NWTNDS gear online and have been impersonating their employees at donation pick up sites. "We realized when we got to the first pickup site we has an issue because our canister was gone," he said.

Gwen Phillips is an avid supporter of the group and donates not just during the holidays but year round. She is disappointed her money will not be going to help those struggling during the holidays. "I think it's a terrible thing for anyone to go around and take something from someone that's trying to help people in need."

Adcock said the donation stealing only scratches the surface of the problem. "We don't know the potential of how much money they could raise on our behalf without us knowing, so that is really the part that worries us most," he admited.

The NWTNDS hosts the drive in three counties and so far five donations sites have been robbed.

Even with the potential for your money to be misused, Gwen Phillips said you cannot let the mischievous ways of one person dampen your holiday giving spirit. "I think they should be ashamed of themselves..but you should always give and try to help people...even though there are those occasional bad eggs."


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