Numerous Police Calls to Business Raising Concern in Community

Erica Williams

TOONE, Tenn- Law enforcement and some residents in a small Hardeman County town are complaining about a business, that they said is causing them a lot of safety concerns.

It is called Country View Estate, a non-profit, assisted living home in Toone. The facility has been in the community for more than 30 years and is licensed by the state of Tennessee to house mentally challenged individuals; but some residents said about three years ago, after coming under new management, the problems began.

"They go to people's house at night and knock on the doors," said Billy Kelly, a Toone resident.

According to Toone Police Chief, Jerry Siler, in the last year alone the Hardeman County Sheriff's Department has responded to more than 100 calls concerning Country View residents.

"We've probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in EMS calls, the sheriff's department, and the fire department," said Siler.

Pam Bowden, Country View's director, said the staff's goal is to help its residents transition back into society. She said in order to do that, they allow them to leave the facility without supervision, as long as they abide by the 10 o' clock curfew.


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