Obion Schools Out Thursday and Friday Due to Flu

Cyndi Lundeberg

UNION CITY, Tenn. - The flu epidemic continues to affect West Tennessee forcing school closures. For the second time, Obion County Schools are closed because of sick absent students.

Superintendent David Huss says 541 students were out just today . Lake Road Elementary was hit the hardest with 158 students out from their school alone.

Kayla Yates, whose son attends the school said parents could help their children stay healthy.

"Just encourage immunizations. I know you can't make parents get immunizations and some kids got them and still got the flu but their symptoms were less severe," she said.

Superintendent Huss said he spoke with principals of each school and requested they have janitorial staff spend the next two days sanitizing all aspects of the schools.

One of those coming in to clean is Myra Couch, a janitor for the Obion County School District. "We're going to bleach everything down tomorrow, wash all the doors, door handles, bathrooms, clean the desks, seats. Clean them off real good," she said.

Couch said the janitorial staff of Obion County takes their jobs very seriously. They believe their job can help kids from getting ill. " It's really up to us to keep everything clean for them so [the students] can come back and get back to their books," said Couch.

Yates said she believes the flu continues to affect schools in Union City because kids who are sick continue coming to school. "If you're child is sick and has a fever.... keep them home," she said.

Lake Road Elementary fifth grade teacher Catherine Nailling said the amount of children who have been absent has forced her to alter her lesson plans for the remainder of the school year.

Superintendent Huss said schools will reopen Monday after they have been sanitized.


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