Obion County Finds Large Marijuana Field

Meghan Pinkley

An elaborate and highly sophisticated outdoor marijuana grow operation has been uncovered in West Tennessee. Officials say if this is not the biggest one found in state history, it's a close second.

This high level of growth forced Obion County officials to call for additional investigative resources from the state including from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Highway Patrol and Alcohol Beverage Commission.

The team of experts believe the people in charge of this grow have been living on the property and working daily through the entire summer.

Investigators found living quarters, tunnels which concealed some of their apparatuses, generators, kitchens and bathrooms built, all around the marijuana field. The suspects were also using pumps to irrigate all the plants from the water in the streams.

Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder believes the suspects heard the crew coming in to the area on Monday afternoon and ran.

"The good things as far as were concerned is we've made some pot growers have a bad day today," says T.J. Jordan, TBI Special Agent In Charge.

Once all of the plants are cut down, which will probably take until Friday, officials say they will burn the marijuana to clear the area.

Sheriff Vastbinder said that the growers left behind many personal items, so it will make for a sure arrest in the near future.


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