Officers Raid Midtown Business

Emily Cassulo

JACKSON, Tenn. - Investigators raided a midtown Jackson store Friday in search of evidence linked to food stamp fraud.

State and federal officers searched the business for a couple hours. They said the raid comes after months of investigating.

Customers got a surprise greeting from several law enforcement officers at the "Another Super Duper Spot" convenience store.

"I don't ever see anything unusual going on over there. All I see is people just trying to make money, you know, trying to get their business going," said customer Kelvin Blaylock.

Officers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of Inspector General, Secret Service, Jackson Police, and Madison County Sheriff's Department spent the morning searching the store.

They were seen taking out boxes of evidence, as part of what is being called a food stamp fraud investigation.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News asked police if they found anything.

"They're still going through everything, but I have seen some of what they brought in and I'm satisfied that they did," said Capt. Mike Holt, Jackson Police Department.

Officers also searched a home on Odell Road in Madison County as part of their investigation, but would not say what they were looking for.

"I guess basically now it's just really harassment, 'cause ain't nothing been found," said Robert Bond, the business owner's brother.

Bond said this is not the first time they have been searched.

Police records show a narcotics warrant was served there last year where drugs were found, though Friday's search only focused on alleged food stamp fraud.

"That would be a circumstance where a business would purchase the cards for a much reduced price, then with the value on the card, and then redeem the card for the full amount with the U.S. Department of Agriculture," Capt. Holt said.

Customers said the searches are frustrating.

They said the owners are just trying to make a living.

"They always seem like, when we make more money, it seems like we gotta be selling drugs, or crack or something," said customer Andre Montgomery.

Capt. Holt said this is an ongoing investigation.

He said no one has been charged at this time, but once the investigation is complete, that could change.


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