Officials Urge Voters to Double-Check Ballot Selections

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn. – As voters head to the polls, officials are encouraging voters to take an extra look before submitting their selections on the ballot.

Madison County Administrator of Elections Kim Buckley said that voters can look on the summary page at the end of their ballot to ensure they selected the candidates of their choice.

“If you're not seeing what you think you need to see, call someone. We can always help you out before you cast the ballot.”

However, once you cast your final ballot, election officials cannot retrieve the ballot for a voter to make changes.

Crystal Settle voted early and said she noticed some of the candidates listed as her selection in the summary were not the people she wanted to vote for.

“When I got to the last page, I was fixing my finger to cast my vote and I noticed some light grey printing at the top. I looked up there and, when I did, I noticed none of the candidates I selected were on there.” Settle asked for help and a poll worker was able to tell her how to go back and change her selections before her final ballot was cast.

As voters go through the ballot to make selections, officials said they can easily skip over a race or accidentally make the wrong selections. In some municipalities, races ask voters to select more than one person in a particular race and those races require a little bit of extra attention to ensure the voter makes the correct number of selections.

Madison County election workers expect lines to move briskly on Election Day, but urge voters to take a few extra moments to make sure they cast the votes the way they desired.


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