Olivia Greenlee's Co-workers Speak Out

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Co-workers came forward with new details about what Charles Pittman is accused of doing after police said he killed his fiance Olivia Greenlee, 21.

Co-workers who worked along side of the Union senior for years said the night Pittman is accused of shooting his fiance on Union's campus and staging the scene to make it look like she killed herself, he also stopped in by her workplace at Longhorn's Steakhouse looking for her.

"Yea, he had asked where she was," said co-worker Amber Looney. "He was acting like he didn't know but they had went and ate at Quizno's and she paid for the meal actually,"

Greenlee's friends are devastated. They said there was never a day the Union senior didn't share her faith with those around her.

" I think I speak for everybody that worked with her when I said she was a bright light in all of our lives," said co-worker Bethany Richerson. " She had a contagious smile that just lit up an entire room and she was so sweet, so kind-hearted and so hardworking."

Greenlee's co-workers said in the weeks before her murder she frequently talked about her upcoming wedding to college sweetheart Charles Pittman. Friends said they saw no signs of trouble between the couple. Just a week before police said Pittman shot Greenlee, loved ones said she was passing out her save the date cards and talking about fittings for her wedding dress.

"She was excited. It's absolutely shocking even going to her memorial service at Longhorn's it is still very surreal. It's hard to comprehend and understand and believe it is all real," said Richerson. " She was so Godly, so kind-hearted, so respectful and so honorable...she was just a beautiful soul."

" She loved Jesus very much she dedicated her life to glorify him and there would be days we would be in the back of the kitchen...we would just have our own praise session," said Looney.

"She was amazing, she was always smiling, always even if it wasn't a good day she was smiling. I mean she had a peace that not everybody has," said co-worker Hazel McMinn. " She could just make your day better just because she was there."

Greenlee's friends said they are trying to honor her faith through prayer and forgiveness.

"Even though I'm mad we have to forgive him for this and it's hard but that's what I believe Olivia would want you to live that commitment and to forgive him," said Looney.

Loved ones said knowing that Greenlee is in a better place gives them strength.

"Singing everyday here on earth is nothing in comparison to the worship she is now allowed with the almighty one," said Looney. "It's just the only hope we have in this loss."

Police have not released any information regarding the motive in this case. Pittman faces first degree murder and tampering with evidence charges, his first court appearance is, Tuesday.

Investigators said the gun found inside of Greenlee's car belonged to one of Pittman's friends, who did not know it was missing. A search of Pittman's record, who was a senior majoring in Ministry Studies at Union University, showed he has never been arrested in Jackson before.


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