One Year Old Case Now A Manslaughter Case

Meghan Pinkley

An aggravated assault case was talked about possibly becoming a homicide case.

Henry County investigators said Richard Medlock was run over by the husband of the woman he was seeing, almost a year ago.

On Tuesday, after 10 months in the hospital, Medlock passed away, changing the case and possibly the charges.

Richard Medlock's sister, Ronda Parker, said her brother was just a simple man, a cowboy.

"Every rib was broken, both lungs punctured, and the worst, his spine, vertebrae exploded at T12," said Parker.

According to Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew, Guy Wiggins ran over Medlock with his SUV on June 14, 2011, after finding his wife and Medlock in a heated argument in the other man's yard.

"We believe this was a love triangle type situation, and Mr. Wiggins had showed up and found Mrs. Wiggins at Mr. Medlock's residence," said Sheriff Belew.

Family members said the 46-year-old was just trying to help Wiggins get out of what they called a bad marriage.

The case hadn't proceeded since last June because of Medlock's unstable condition. Now, with his death, the Sheriff said Wiggin's aggravated assault charge might be amended to murder.

"From our initial reports, we do believe he has passed away due to injuries he sustained," said Sheriff Belew.

"The only justice is the man has to live the rest of his life knowing he took someone else's life, whether he thought about it or not," added Parker.

Sheriff Belew said we would know by Thursday if the district attorney had decided to amend the charges against Wiggins.


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