Open Enrollment Drawing Near for JMCSS

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - This is the first time the Jackson-Madison County School System has offered an open enrollment for their students. The program allows parents to choose the school they want their kids to attend through a lottery system.

Rory Woods said he is thinking about his daughters academic future.

"We're interested in putting her into JCM, but since JCM is not zoned in her area, North Side is zoned in her area, so those are the options were looking at right now for the next school year when she goes into high school," said Woods.

Woods and his wife want their daughter to go to Jackson Central- Merry because its magnet program focuses on medicine and she is interested in pursuing the medical field as a career.

"I think its a good choice for the parents and the students to figure out what high school they want to put their child in because there maybe some classes their child may be good at and expand on," said Woods.

School Registration Administrator Kimberly Butler said parents are responding well to the open enrollment program for high schoolers.

Students that are zoned for each school have guaranteed spots. Any extra capacity will then be up for grabs in the open enrollment lottery. But at this point, the district said it Is impossible to know how many spots could be available at any of its schools.


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