Open House for Parents and Teachers Preparing for School

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn - It is that time of year where parents and teachers are gearing up for their first day of school. This year many parents are taking a more proactive role in preparing for the upcoming school year, said school officials.

Paul Pillow who is the principal of Arlington Elementary School said he believes open house is the most important day of the year for students and parents.

"They get to meet their teachers, get to know their teachers, get to know who they are. Teachers get to know their students,"said Pillow.

School officials said this year more parents have stepped up and made an effort to meet and greet their child's teacher face to face.
Parents said meeting their child's teacher is the most important step in making sure their child is successful in school.

"To see if they are going to have chemistry or to see if she can meet my child's needs," said parent Nikki Durr.

Meeting the teacher is a time for parents to introduce their child to the teacher.

"I want to learn just like my child is going to about their teacher as well as i want the teacher to learn about us," said parent April Burge-Donald.

Pillow said he believes the key to a child's success is for parents to get more involved in the classroom.

"This is what it's all about, it's about forming partnerships with the parents inviting them in letting them know what we plan to do this year, letting them know that we need their help and we've got to have their help," said Pillow.

Parents said they see open house as a time to help their child build a successful student teacher relationship. "A teacher can only do so much, and it starts at home first," said Durr.

School officials said right now parents should get involved by registering early and becoming familiar with their child's schedule and curriculum.

"Once that trust is there, then that bridge is connected and we make that partnership and the students education is that much better. I want them to be fired up, pumped up and ready to go and ready to learn," said Pillow.

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