Outpour of Community Spirit for the Huntingdon Mustangs
Cyndi Lundeberg

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. - The Huntingdon Mustang football team is somewhere they have not been in nearly a decade - the playoffs for the state finals.

While the players, coaches and other members of the football team are ecstatic, their excitement fails in comparison to the residents of Huntingdon community.

On every street corner, every window, every marquee sign, the town is glittered with Mustang Football paraphernalia.

"Huntingdon football is the talk of the town. It's bigger than Tennessee state used to be," resident Betty Thompson said.

This excitement mixed with town pressure is why the Mustang football players are spending the entirety of their Thanksgiving break prepping for their game Friday against Nashville Christian.

For Huntingdon residents, the game Friday is not just about football, it is about a lot more. Resident Archie Parker said he believes a state title could even bring jobs to the community.

Friday's match-up between Nashville Christian and Huntingdon will take place on the Mustang home field. The players and coaches are desperately trying to get that win. Not just for them, but for their community.


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