Fire truck overturns in Haywood County, sends two firemen to the hospital

Dan Lampariello

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. -- The cleanup is underway after a fire truck overturns on Mercer Road in Brownsville Monday morning.

Officials say they were on their way to a possible fire.

"The unit was responding to a report of smoke on Friendship Road," said Capt. David Smith with the Brownsville-Haywood County Fire Department. "Shortly there after they radioed back saying they had a wreck."

According to investigators the truck hit a culvert on the side of the road and then flipped over.

They say the truck is a total loss.

"I'm sure the county will be looking for a replacement for the fire truck," said Brownsville Mayor Jo Matherne. "I don't know if it will be repairable, but it certainly doesn't appear to be."

Fire officials say Lieutenant James Marler and Fire Fighter Travis Young were in the truck at the time of the crash.

Both were taken by ambulance to Haywood-Park Hospital and are expected to be ok. Mayor Matherne says she's glad the accident wasn't worse.

"I'm just very very glad that there doesn't appear to be any serious injuries in what could have been a very serious situation," Mayor Matherne said.

William King lives on Mercer Road and witnessed the wreck. He says accidents like this have happened before.

"There's been three wrecks that I know of," said King. "A tree was taken down after someone hit it right down there and then someone went over in that big ditch over there."

A telephone pole was also taken down on the the road after a car crashed into it trying to avoid the overturned fire truck.

The driver of that car was unharmed.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. No charges are expected to be filed.


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