Owner of Injured Dog Speaks Out

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn. - Owners of the dog injured in Saturday night's pitbull attack spoke with WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, and said the dog has died from the fight.

Jackson Police said they responded to the dog fight on Burkett Street Saturday morning, and when they arrived, they thought the five-year-old bluetick, Tucker, was dead.

"He was bleeding everywhere. You could tell he was really badly hurt," said Tucker's owner Will Easley.

Police said the pitbull was very aggressive, even trying to attack some officers. They said the dog was a threat to the public, and had to shoot the pitbull.

"They protected a lot of people. So many little kids, elderly people, and little dogs smaller than Tucker walking around this neighborhood. I think they saved some lives making that decision," said Easley.

Tucker was taken to an emergency clinic but did not survive.

Easley said it feels strange to not have Tucker by his side.

"It's something I'm so used to every night, he'd be right there with me."

Police said right now they are unsure if the pitbull was a stray or had owners.

Jackson Police said if found, the owners could face a leash law violation.


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