Pageant Contestants Prepare for Interview Questions

Heather Mathis

JACKSON, Tenn.- The Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant is underway, and organizers say the contestants work for months to prepare for questions in the interview.

Mal Matthews, a board member for the pageant, said the key to the crown is how the contestant handles the questions asked by the judges.

"The interview is key, Miss America and Miss Tennessee are chosen in the interview," said Matthews.

Organizers said the 36 contestants have had a 10 minute personal interview with the judges, and the judges pick their own questions.

"We read their bios and formulate our questions from that. We also pick current events and things that are relevant to their age group," said Matthews.

With teams to help prep the girls for the tough questions, organizers say these Miss Tennessee hopefuls have brains and beauty.

"Just look at their bios, 3.0 averages, and 4.0 averages. They are very smart," said Matthews.

Organizers said the next Miss Tennessee will have another group to prep her for the Miss America pageant in September.


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