Paintball Vandals Hit Henderson County

Caitlyn Jones

Henderson County investigators are on the look out for some home vandals using colorful ammunition.

At least two homes on Shady Hill Road were hit by paint balls over the weekend. Both within a mile of one another. A woman living in one of those homes, Maxileen Woods said she had no idea why someone would target her house.

Investigators said they suspect teenagers may be the culprits, possibly riding down the road in the bed of a truck shooting at houses. Residents said no serious damage has been done to their homes; however, they want the people responsible to learn their lesson.

"My 16-year-old, if I knew he was doing it, yes, I'd carry him right up to the police station. I'd say, 'tell them what you done'"

Captain Tracey Grisham told 7 Eyewitness News us they have a lead on a truck description. If caught, the people responsible will be arrested and charged with vandalism.


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