Parent Pushing For Home School Students On Public School Teams

Empriss Campbell

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. - Dawson Arnold wants to be a Bulldog, play sports and be a normal kid. But his status as a home school student will not allow him to run on the field.

"They don't appreciate my abilities and they just don't care," said Dawson Arnold.

According to the Weakley County superintendent, a child has to be a full-time student to participate in sports. One of the reasons is because the school board believes athletes needed to be a part of a school setting.

Dawson's dad said even though he chooses to teach Dawson's curriculum, he deserves to be involved.

"He deserves the opportunity to play sports, go to school and is denied the opportunity here," said Heath Arnold.

In just two days, Arnold said he has received more than 100 signatures on his online petition to let home school students play public school sports.

"I don't think it's fair I don't get to play with my friends, but my friends get to play with my friends and I don't get to play," said Dawson Arnold.

Heath Arnold said he will be getting a group of home school parents together to attend the next Weakley County School Board meeting. Until then, Dawson said he will keep practicing.


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