Parents Save Big Time on Tax Free Weekend

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Tennessee's annual sales tax holiday weekend will end Sunday, an d shoppers are taking full advantage of back to school bargains.

Jackson residents shopped by the dozens Saturday, looking to save money by not having to pay the usual 9.75 percent sales tax. Retailers said this year more parents are looking to save money on school supplies.

"It's probably our second largest business day of the year behind Black Friday. We've actually seen an increase in traffic this year over last year," said Steven Smith, General Manager of Old Navy.

Customer Lindsey Young told 7 Eyewitness News crossing off her children's long school supply list can be tough.

"The school supplies list its a lot different than it was when we were kids. It's not just crayons and markers anymore that you've got to have," said Young.

Parents said taking a look at a long back- to- school list can be frustrating, but they understand the items are a necessity in the classroom. "You have to bring hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels and Kleenex." said Young, " It's just stuff that unfortunately the school system can't provide."

This weekend, clothing and school supplies items less than 100 dollars are exempt from taxes through Sunday. Retailers said computers that are 1,500 dollars or less are also exempt.

Single mother Tyre Kidd said not having to pay the usual sales tax means big savings in buying new school uniforms for her son." Last year he's outgrown everything, so we had to get all brand new stuff this year. Every little bit helps especially with the shoes," said Kidd.

Parent said the long lines for tax breaks are worth the wait this year because the savings really make a difference at home. "It's important for parents, especially parents who have several children more than one child. It really it costs a lot of money," said Young.

To find out the guidelines for this tax free weekend visit the state's website:


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