Parents Scared After Threats at Chester Co. High School

Emily Cassulo

HENDERSON, Tenn. - Some West Tennessee parents are concerned after alleged threats made by students two different times this week at Chester County High School.

Valerie Fox normally is not worried about sending her sons to school, but Friday she was not taking any chances.

"As far as my kids' safety, they come first," Fox said. "If they have to miss a day of school, then that's what they have to do."

Thursday, Superintendent Cherrie Pipkin said a student at Chester County High School threatened to kill some classmates, after they were teasing him.

This comes after deputies said they charged another student with a felony, Tuesday after she allegedly made a verbal threat at the high school.

Fox was not the only parent picking her child up early. She said some did not even send their children to school at all.

"There's a line to get in there and check them out, pretty much. There's kids in there calling parents to come get them," Fox said.

"When I heard that the boys were upset about what happened, you know, it kinda upset me and I just wanted to be with the boys and give them a hug, and let them know it's going to be OK," said grandparent June McCombs.

Superintendent Pipkin told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News parents should have nothing to worry about.

She said his belongings, locker and home were searched and no weapons were found.

Principal Troy Kilzer, II sent out a recorded message to parents, Thursday night.

"That student was questioned and found responsible for the action and was suspended out of school," said Kilzer in the recording.

Some parents said even after receiving a phone call from the principal, they still felt uneasy.

"With the school shooting that just happened in Connecticut, even though the boy had been arrested, whose to say he and his friends still couldn't get back on school property and do something?," Fox said.

Deputies also said there was another incident at the junior high school Thursday, as classes were being dismissed.

They said a student with a history of mental health issues had an emotional outburst, but there was no criminal activity.


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