Part 2: Judicial Candidates Answer Tough Questions

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - Six attorneys are looking to take over the office of Circuit Court Judge for Madison, Chester, and Henderson counties. The position was left open by Judge Roger Page who was appointed to the Court of Appeals.

With the elections weeks away, 7 Eyewitness News posed a few tough questions to each judicial candidate. By the spelling of their last names, the candidates answers were placed in reverse alphabetical order.

Yesterday we asked three of the candidates to respond. Today, the remaining three responded to the same questions:

Question 1: Can you, from the bench, help curb crime in West Tennessee?

Edward Martindale: "I don't necessarily think you can curb crime from the bench."

Dale Conder: "The short answer to that probably is no, the judges only involvement in that would be presiding over the trials and then handing out the sentences."

Kyle Atkins: "I think you got to have a judge who is willing to handout tough sentences to the worst offenders. I think there is a possibility of working with some of the other judges on drug courts so you can make a difference in reducing the amount of crime in the city."

QUESTION 2: What would/could you do to speed up the judicial process?

Edward Martindale: "I feel like I have the experience to do that, my mediation practice I've had, has helped me see both sides of a lawsuit."

Dale Conder: "The main thing to speed it up is to have a judge that has a strong work ethic for the cases to move forward and to keep the lawyers on track."

Kyle Atkins: "Cases aren't always ready so I think if you keep lawyers moving their cases through."

QUESTION 3: Yes or No, do you believe in the death penalty?

Edward Martindale: "I Support the death penalty number one because it's the law in the state of Tennessee and as a Circuit Court Judge, you are required to carry out the law."

Dale Conder: "One, its constitutional and number two its been enacted by the peoples elected representatives and so it should be carried out as the people's representatives have dictated."

Kyle Atkins: "I don't think we can give opinions about things that might come before us, so I don't think that's an appropriate question."

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