Larry Ray Moore


Self-Proclaimed Pastor Charged with Inappropriately Touching Women

Caitlyn Jones

A West Tennessee man who told authorities he is a minister was arrested Monday afternoon after salon employees claimed he allegedly touched them inappropriately.

One alleged victim says she was performing a pedicure on 47-year-old Larry Moore at a McKenzie salon, when she says he crossed the line. The woman says he was poking at her chest area with his foot and even offered her $50 to show him her breasts.

"I started being more guarded and quiet. I kind of backed off and tried not to talk at all just hurry up and get the service over with," said Emily Smith.

Shortly after she reported Moore, another woman who works at a different salon says he did the same thing to her.

Moore was arrested on June 2nd and again June 11th for both incidents. He is currently free on two $1,000 bonds.

Police believe there may be more victims and they want them to come forward.


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