Eddie Mallonee


Pastor's Wife Stands With Him Amid Conspiracy Charges

Heather Mathis

UNION CITY, Tenn.- Former Pastor accused of plotting to kill his wife with another church member appeared before a Judge in Obion County for a second time, Friday.

Eddie Mallonee and Shelley Moran both face a conspiracy to commit first degree murder charge and attempt to commit first degree murder. The pair are accused of planning to poison Mallonee's wife while on a mission trip to Honduras.

Mallonee arrived in the court room with his wife for Friday's hearing.

Several motions were discussed, including a heated moment between Mallonee's attorney, John Miles, and Police Chief Perry Barfield. Miles questioned Chief Barfield why he did not take notes or a recording of Mallonee's wife, Cathy. Chief Barfield said under oath he did record Mr. Mallonee's interview, but not Mrs. Mallonee's.

Judge Bill Acree granted motions for investigators to turn over any notes taken during the investigation.

"I believe that under the law of this state Eddie Mallonee is not guilty," said Miles after the court was adjourned. "I believe when the jury hears the facts they will agree with that."

Mallonee and Moran will be back in court on August 16. Judge Acree said he hopes to set a trial date on that day for later this year.


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