Pest Control Worker Accused of Breaking into Pizza Hut

Deneisha Pearson

JACKSON, Tenn -- Getting into a Pizza Hut after hours was no problem for a pest control worker, according to Jackson police.

"Actually he betrayed their trust, he betrayed the trust of his employer," Captain Tyreece Miller said.

Investigators say former Federal Service Corporation employee Joseph Colwell used his work code to break into a Pizza Hut on West Chester St; and its all caught on surveillance video.

Captain Tyreece Miller tells me Colwell is charged with two counts of burglary and theft.

"We're aware that there's similar burglaries of Pizza Huts reported in this area and he's a suspect now," Miller said.

Police say on October 11 Colwell took money out of the Pizza Hut, but had a change of heart and put the cash back.

Investigators say less than two weeks later he worked up the courage to take off with hundreds of dollars.

Police say Colwell was arrested in Mississippi and brought back to Tennessee to face charges.

Michelle Bevins works next door to the Pizza Hut at The Barrel and she says, she doesn't understand why people can't just come inside and do their job.

"You can't trust la pest control person to walk in there, like that, it's's sad," Bevins said.

Officials say Colwell was fired from the Federal Service Corporation on an unrelated matter.

"It's just unfortunate you know this man had a job as I understand, a good paying job, for him to resort to stealing," Miller said.

We reached out Pizza Hut and Federal Service Corporation, neither was available for comment.

Colwell remains behind bars on a $25,000 bond.

His next court appearance is set for December 5th.


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