Holly Bobo


Petition Started By Holly Bobo's Family Wants Task Force Established

Natalie Potts

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn.- The search for missing nursing student Holly Bobo continues with a fight for change with a petition to Governor Haslam and the Tennessee State Legislature to re-focus its efforts and resources to find all of the missing persons in Tennessee.

"You know after 2 years we still don't have Holly and we don't have any answers," said family friend, Terrie Bromley. " We feel law enforcement is probably overloaded with cases just like Holly's and we are just trying to help in anyway that we can."

The Bobo family started the online petition that now has more than 6,000 signatures. It is currently the fastest growing petition in the state of Tennessee.

"People are printing it off, carrying it to work and school with them. It would be great if we could get some individuals who are specialized persons who have had training and know what to look for," said Pastor Don Franks.

In response to the families online request Holly's mother, Karen Bobo shared a statement by State Senator Dolores Gresham endorsing the TBI's efforts.

"At the same time, I have seen no evidence to believe the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which is one of the finest law enforcement organizations of its type in the country, is not pursuing this case capably and to the utmost of their ability. Yes, more eyes on the case may be helpful, but we must be careful that there are not too many cooks in the kitchen so the very important investigative work is not hampered. That being said, I would tend to lean upon the expert advice offered by the TBI in whether or not a task force should be organized," said Gresham.

Karen Bobo replied online with a statement that said although she has been grateful for the TBI's search efforts over the past two years, she feels more could be done to help the families of missing persons across Tennessee.

"I do not doubt the TBI has exhausted all of its time and energies in looking for my daughter Holly. To that end, I am extremely grateful. However, there comes a time to admit when the current efforts are simply not enough to achieve resolution," said Karen Bobo.

Family members said they would like to achieve their goal of 10,000 signatures by May 25, 2013, which is National Missing Persons Day.

"I would like to see Tennessee take the lead in doing something to fix this national crisis," said Franks. " We'd like to see a new set of eyes for missing persons in Tennessee."

Police said Holly was last seen walking into the woods with a man wearing camouflage. Family members said they believe she is still alive, being held by her abductor. If you have any information in this case call 1-800-TBI-FIND.


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