Cold Temperatures Cause Warning For Homeowners

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn -- Homes are at risk when temperatures drop, and experts say preventing frozen pipes could save homeowners thousands of dollars.

Local plumbers said the two biggest problems that cause frozen pipes are two of the easiest things to prevent.

"We see frozen pipes where people don't take the hose off of their hydrant that is connected to their house," Charlie Garrett of Garrett Plumbing and Heating Co., said. "Then a lot of times we'll see frozen pipes in cross vent spaces where people didn't close their cross vents."

"Some repairs are as little as $100 or $500," Mike Johnson, of Garrett Plumbing and Heating Co., said.

But in severe cases, repairs could cost a lot more.

"The damage that the water creates could be thousands of dollars," Johnson said.

As a precaution, plumbers said open your cabinets where your pipes are located, leave water dripping at night and make sure to keep the heat on, because it'll warm the air inside the walls where pipes are.

"In West Tennessee we're not used to really low temperatures so people tend to forget to do these things," Garrett said. "And when they forget you'll have pipes freezing and then there will be damage in the thousands."


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