Police Add Extra Patrols for Holiday Safety

Erica Williams

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. - Brownsville police are beefing up security ahead of Christmas to curb the high number of holiday crimes.

"Usually during this time of year we see an increase in burglary and shoplifting," said Lt. Chuck Willis of the Brownsville Police Department.

Willis said they are urging all of their officers to be more vigilant and encouraging them to patrol residential areas and stores even than normal. He suggested that residents also take safety precautions.

"Don't tell people if you're going out of town. Unless it's a neighbor you trust to watch your house," said Willis.

He also advises against updating social websites with your current information. "If people see that...then they know you're not going to be home," he said.

Brownsville Police also have a "House Watch" program. Residents can sign up by contacting the Brownsville Police Department at (731) 772-1260, to fill out a "House Watch" form. As a part of the program, police will monitor the home while residents are out of town.


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