Police Cars Damaged by Artillery Style Fireworks and Gunfire

Natalie Potts

UNION CITY, Tenn.- Police in Union City need help identifying who attacked officers with gunfire and fireworks on the Fourth of July after two squad cars were found damaged with bullet holes.

Officers were called to the East Gate Village housing complex for a complaint of people nearly being injured by fireworks. Investigator Chris Cummings said he was one of five policemen who were intentionally targeted in the neighborhood by a massive crowd.

"We tried on a couple of occasions to get out of the car and they just ran us right back into the car with fireworks," said Investigator Cummings. "The explosions hitting right next to the car just non stop hitting under the car and on the car. "

Officers said they could not see who was shooting at them because of the smoke and large crowd.

"It was bomb after bomb, non-stop every time he came in here and every time he pulled out," said witness Cashmere Davis. "They have wars with the fireworks and they become bombs. They shoot at each other, at other people's houses and at every car that comes up in here."

Several neighbors told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they had suffered burns.

"They had it aimed at the police cars and then one of them hit me in my chest," said neighbor Pamela Rooks. "Police were telling me to go into your house and lock your door, they had me so scared."

Some residents told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the community's relationship with the police department is strained.

"They knew that was going to happen before they even came here," said witness Jackquien Kinyon. "It was the best fireworks show ever them shooting at the police was better than the fireworks at the park and I loved it."

Despite the alleged attack officers continued to patrol the area throughout the night. Police said the bullet holes were not found in their squad cars until later. Though no arrests have been made, the investigation continues. Union City officials said they are adding riot response to their required training.

If you have any information in this case call Union City Police at (731) 885-1515.


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