K-9 Officer Brok Union City Police Dept.


Police Dog Loses Leg to Cancer, Still Patrolling

Emily Cassulo

UNION CITY, Tenn. - A local police K-9 is back on the force, after losing a leg to cancer.

But his fellow officers said it is not hurting the way this now three-legged dog does his job.

You could hardly tell just by looking at him that Brok had cancer just a few weeks ago.

"He has obviously more will than a human 'cause it hadn't affected him a bit. He'll run. He'll jump, go up stairs. Slow walking is about the only challenge, is keeping his balance going slow," Corporal Brandon Adams said.

Adams is Brok's partner in fighting crime. He knew something was wrong when he spotted a lump on Brok's back, left leg.

He though it was a torn ACL, but it was much worse.

"I had learned that with osteosarcoma, if it had made it to the lungs, that there was no hope at all. Less than three months survival on it," Adams said.

Fortunately the cancer did not make it to Brok's lungs, but they still had to amputate his leg right away so the cancer would not spread.

"[After the surgery,] when she opened the door and he saw me, he just came running to me. Buried his head into my chest, like he's giving me a hug," Adams said. "Besides the shaved hindquarter and missing a leg, you would have never known it."

Brok had the surgery April 15. Just a few days later, he was back to work.

Adams said he is still recovering, but he is getting better every day.

"They took off his leg. They didn't take his nose, so his nose works as good as it ever did."

And Adams is just glad his best friend is all right. He is not just a fellow officer, but part of the family.

"He's a big part of my life, and I thought, you know, for sure I had lost him."

Adams said Brok starts his first round of chemotherapy on Monday.


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