Police Investigating After Teen Hospitalized After Going to Bar

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- Jackson Police are investigating after a 17-year-old girl was admitted into the ICU of Regional Hospital early Sunday, and claimed she had been drinking under age.

Police said two minors used the same fake I.D. to get inside the club, but Desperados General Manager Jimmy Jansen said his door staff would never let that happen. "He looks at their I.D.'s. Every person that comes in and looks at their face to make sure their face matches the I.D. and their description matches."

One of the minors told police her friend began foaming at the mouth, and was highly intoxicated. She claimed a Desperados' employee helped carry the minor to a friend's car.

"We don't remember anybody even staggering out much less carrying somebody out," disputes Jansen who was working that night.

The minor was taken to the ER of Regional Hospital where staff members told police her blood alcohol level was at .271, more than 3 times the legal limit.

"We do everything by the book here and we do our very best to control what's going on. Who drinks, who doesn't drink, and how much they drink," said Jansen.

Mayor Gist who has led the effort to close down night clubs and bars deemed "public nuisances," declined to comment on the situation. Right now no charges have been filed.

The city's push to close down Desperados and other night clubs, deemed public nuisances has been going on since this time last year. In fact, Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting inside Club Karma in downtown Jackson, which served as a catalyst for the most recent effort.

Lecarlos Todd, 19, was shot and killed while 19 others were either shot or trampled.

Within days, the city filed public nuisance complaints against Desperados, The Mix Factory and Taboo. Taboo voluntarily shut its door last May, however, the other two remain open.

The city shut down one other club, Larry's Sports Bar, also known as the Hale Street Bar, also known as the Hale Street Bar in midtown.

A public nuisance complaint was filed against the bar in October. It closed its doors in November.


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