UPDATE: Police Investigating Incident Involving Sheriff

JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson police are investigating a domestic incident that involved Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork, Thursday night.

Officials said that Sharon Ann Sangster who was also involved in the incident has filed an order of protection against Sheriff Woolfork. He is expected to appear in court on October 23.

Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist confirmed that police responded to the call for service at residence on Edenwood Drive late Thursday night. Officials later confirmed the call was domestic in nature.

The woman who requested the order of protection is an employee at the Madison County Sheriff's Office. Sangster stated in her petition that Woolfork came to her residence and “wanted to talk to me about getting back together and making love.”

Sangster went on to claim that Woolfork “started grabbing on me as if he was going to make me have sex with him.”

“I called the Constable Frankie Lax. I had always been told that he was the only one who wouldn’t be bias toward the sheriff,” Sangster wrote.

The woman said she broke her nails and had bruises on her arms due to the altercation.

In the petition, Sangster requested the court to issue a no contact order, require Woolfork stay away from her home and workplace and require him to surrender his firearms.

Sheriff David Woolfork issued the following statement Friday afternoon:

“On October 10th, while addressing an issue with an employee regarding a prior disciplinary action, of that employee, my phone was stolen and phone calls were made with my phone to various phone numbers. I believe that this incident was motivated by political opponents and orchestrated as a beginning attack in the now contested upcoming election.

All this information has been provided to the Jackson Police Department, and I am hopeful that they will complete their investigation prudently and quickly and put this issue to rest.

Let me say that during this incident at no time did I ever act inappropriately or take any action that could be interpreted as retaliatory.

Again, both myself and my department are cooperating with the Jackson Police Department and look forward to a quick resolution.”

Separate interviews were conducted with both parties. Based upon the interviews, officers determined that this was a domestic abuse related incident.

After an on-scene investigation, officers were unable to determine a primary aggressor as required by the domestic abuse statute. Officers advised Sangster of departmental procedures as they relate to victims of reported domestic abuse.

David Woolfork has served as Madison County Sheriff for 19 years and has worked at the Sheriff’s Office for 37 years. He began his law enforcement career at the Humboldt Police Department.


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