Xavier Taylor


Police Investigating Two Violent Crime Complaints at Lane College

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- Three West Tennessee college students were arrested within an hour's time, all accused of violence on their own campus.

The three Lane College students were involved in two different incidents, but they each involved violence that, according to police, warranted criminal charges.

Officer said early Friday morning, Lane College student Xavier Taylor pulled a knife on his resident assistant inside their dorm. Less than an hour later, Kietha Perry and Dandreace Williams were also arrested.

Police said they assaulted Williams' ex-boyfriend. Perry is accused of ramming her car into the man's vehicle. Then Williams, according to police, got out and hit him several times in the face.

"If we're being exposed to this and we're in college, trying to get a higher education, it doesn't do much if we don't feel safe," said Naomi Jones, a Lane student.

Other students said the violence is affecting their college experience.

"Lane college is a good opportunity to make your education better," said student, Zack Johnson. "But on the safety side, parents need to watch their kids."

Lane College administration has not released information on whether the students will be expelled as a result of the incidents.


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